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To set up an Availability Group with two servers, the servers both participate in a Windows Failover Cluster.

I've seen cases after certain failover modes where the primary IP address in the cluster (in Windows Server Manager -> Failover Cluster Manager -> Cluster Core Resources) can be the address associated with the secondary replica in the AG.

Is this a problem – does it matter at all?

More generally, is there any reference on how the WFC relates to the AG, and to the Availability Group Listener?

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If your hardware failed and the Primary node failed over to a secondary node, the secondary becomes the primary. Same with the AG and it's replicas, only with the AG, your primary replica may be located on your secondary node. So the answer is no, it's not a problem, but it can get confusing. Typically, we would resolve the failover and manually fail back to the intended primary, just to mitigate confusion. –  Steve Mangiameli Jan 16 at 19:52

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