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I am installing 12c Grid Control agent on my server via Enterprise manager.

The targer server is a UNIX server with AIX OS on it. I add target host manually, enter authentication information, host name, installation directory, etc. and all goes well untill I click "Deploy Agent" button, then I get the following error:

"Shell path is incorrect or not defined.:/bin/bash(SH_PATH),-c(SH_ARGS) on host MyHostName"

and details are :

"Check the property values in the following files in this order, or or, in "/u02/app/oracle/middleware/oms/oui/prov/resources"

There isn't /u02/app" directory on my target server, only /u01/app/oracle" so I assume the above directory is on the same server as Enterprise manager.

Although I did find a directory where I have files of the format - /u01/app/oracle/product/

Since my platform ia AIX, I used file

On my target server if I run which bash I get /usr/bin/bash and which ssh returns /usr/bin/ssh ahd which sh returns /usr/bin/sh

So I edited the file so that SH_PATH=/usr/bin/sh but still getting the same error. I have also tried setting to SH_PATH=/usr/bin/bash but nothing seems to make any difference. I am thinking one possibility would be I am editing wrong file.

Can anyone help?

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If you've got root access, symbolic link your bash binary so there's a link at /bin/bash –  Phil Feb 2 '13 at 11:49

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I'm currently working on the same problem. I'm still in the process of doing this. What I can tell you, is, that not /usr/bin/sh fails but OMS can not establish the ssh session . Please check this in the log file. After I logged in with my AD-Account, the deployment started to work, but lastly failed because the AD-Account has not enough permissions to get it finished.


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try the following doc EM 12c Agent Push Fails With Shell Path is Incorrect or Not Defined : /bin/bash(SH_PATH),-c(SH_ARGS) (Doc ID 1489437.1)

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Please tell us the contents of that document. –  Colin 't Hart Aug 12 '14 at 13:10

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