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What user interfaces or tools (commercial and/or open source) can query a star schema model (Ralph Kimball dimensional model)? So for example, if we have X fact tables, and Y dimension tables, and Z cross reference tables, we'd like to query a random fact table. If you are aware of such tools, can you provide a reference of each.

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Mondrian OLAP server

Pentaho Schema Workbench (for creating the cube schema)

Pentaho Aggregation Designer (for finding useful aggregations and building them)

Saiku AJAX pivot tables

Pentaho Report Designer for designing reports.

Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) for ETL into data warehouse

DataCleaner for quality control

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We are familiar with the IBM toolset where I work. IBM's Cognos toolset can read star schema, especially since IBM recommends star schema for mart design.

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