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I am currently migrating from Oracle to MySQL and I am going to use the migration tool in workbench to help me with the procedure. I have entered my source connection details as follows:

Database System: Generic RDBMS 
Connection Method: ODBC(Manually Entered parameters)
Driver:Oracle RDB driver
Hostname:  Port:1521
Username: user

But I seem to be receiving the following error when testing the connection:

ERROR: Error during Connect to source DBMS: Error("('HY093', '[HY093] [Oracle][ODBC]
[Rdb]Invalid parameter number. (-2000) (SQLDriverConnect);

[HY093] [Oracle][ODBC][Rdb]Invalid parameter number. (-2000)')"):
error calling Python module function DbGenericRE.connect

I am struggling to figure out what parameter is wrong, any one have an idea what could be causing this?

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