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I tried to configure MySQL server 5.5 on Windows and this is what I get

mysql-server-5.5-winx64:56 - Attempting to update security settings. 
mysql-server-5.5-winx64:100 - Unable to update security settings. Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts. 
mysql-server-5.5-winx64:62 - Attempting to verify command-line client shortcut. 

Thoughts? I found this article on it, but not really sure what to do.,419964,431649#msg-431649 Tried getting random processes to work but didnt seem to change much

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Problem was with root access and firewall.

To fix this I:

  1. Ran it on a machine with full root acces
  2. Added all MySQL items to firewall list and ran reconfiguration of the MySQL

Ability to access root is important. I tried repeating this on a machine were I do not have root access and failed on every attempt

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Try installing the product in a new undefined library. Once that was done, the install did not ask for the original root password and installed without error.

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