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The background to this question can be found here.

The following part of my stored procedure does not work. Is there a character length limitation for the LIKE clause? t1.ProductList sometimes can be up to 1000 characters in length:

DELETE t1 FROM #tmptable t1
WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM #tmptable2_ t2
              WHERE t1.DealerId != t2.DealerId
              AND t2.ProductList LIKE '%' + t1.ProductList + '%'
              AND t2.numberOfVibs > t1.numberOfVibs);

Sample data for a single row of the ProductList column:


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What do you mean by 'does not work'? Do you get an error, no results without error or what else? Can you identify a row where it works and another one where not? – dezso Feb 15 '13 at 7:40
I dont get error but if i delete that part result is same. – OzanWt Feb 15 '13 at 7:43
Could you show some sample data? – dezso Feb 15 '13 at 7:44
@dezso Added content. – OzanWt Feb 15 '13 at 7:46
Is the value in t1.ProductList a comma separated list of values, or is it a normal table with one value per row? – mrdenny Feb 15 '13 at 16:19
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Is there any character length limitation for LIKE clause?

Yes. From the documentation for LIKE:


Is the specific string of characters to search for in match_expression, and can include the following valid wildcard characters. pattern can be a maximum of 8,000 bytes.

In your case the limit is 4,000 characters because the FOR XML PATH expression returns a Unicode string (two bytes per character). If you check the ProductList column of your temporary table, you will see the data type is nvarchar(max):

EXECUTE tempdb.sys.sp_help
    @objname = N'#tmptable';

sp_help output

Depending on your data, you may be able to use single-byte ANSI characters instead, giving you up to 7,998 characters for the concatenated string of ProductCodes:

CREATE TABLE #SellerProducts
    SellerID        integer PRIMARY KEY,
    ProductList     varchar(7998) NOT NULL,
    ProductCount    bigint NOT NULL

INSERT #SellerProducts
            ',' + ProductCode 
        FROM Stocks
            s.SellerId = Stocks.SellerId
        ORDER BY
        FOR XML 
        , 1, 1, ''
FROM dbo.Stocks AS s
    s.ProductCode IN ('30A','20A','42B')
    AND s.StockData > 0

The code above is deliberately designed to throw the following error if ProductList contains more than 7,998 characters:

error message

You do not need to create a second copy of the temporary table to do the DELETE:

FROM #SellerProducts AS t1
    SELECT 1 
    FROM #SellerProducts AS t2
        t2.SellerId <> t1.SellerId
        AND t2.ProductList LIKE '%' + t1.ProductList + '%'
        AND t2.ProductCount > t1.ProductCount

The character limit for the ProductList column is 7,998 characters to allow two for the % characters added before the LIKE is performed - giving a total of 8,000 characters, the maximum allowed for the LIKE pattern string.

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