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My postgres server is running in a windows server and three tablespace are created. Postgresql server is installed in C: drive and the tablespaces are in D: and E: drive. So how to take a backup and restore. Is it similar to normal backup and while restore, in another machine, do i need to have the same setup or i can restore it in a single drive? From the tablespace folder, is it possible to retreive information for only one table which is huge?

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How do you (intend to) backup - FS-level, SQL dump, any other way? – Milen A. Radev Feb 18 '13 at 16:42

There are a few backup options for you.

A standard dump (pg_dump) will be restorable on another machine but you may want to create the tablespaces first before restoring. Where the tablespaces are is not really a concern for the recovery. Note you can also do pg_dump -Fc and this will allow you to select tables to restore at restore time.

Another option is to use pg_basebackup if you are on 9.1 or higher and this will rebuild your data directories over replication. See for more on this option.

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