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How can i monitor running SQL Statements for my SQL-Server, is it possible using only SQL Server without 3rd part tools?

As an alternative can anybody recommend any free tool which can monitor running statements over ODBC connections?

Thank you.

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There's Sql Server Profiler which comes with the installation. It allows you to monitor all SQL statements with various filter criteria. You could also pair it up with PerfMon to investigate performance.

MSDN Sql Server Profiler

I also found this site Receiving Profiler Events. Which allows real-time tracking in .NET.

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If you use SQL Profiler, you can monitor all the goings on in the SQL DB.

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  1. Send this command to the server: set global general_log=1;
  2. Find the log file (the default on Win7 it resides in C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\data) and has a name just like the computer.
  3. Examine the log :)
  4. Set the general_log back to 0 to return the DB server performance back to normal.
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