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I've a simple but large table in an SQL database which has four fields (id(int PK), time (unix timestamp, not null), value (double, not null) and an ID_fk (integer foreign key).

Data is recorded every minute, but at a seemingly random second for subsets of sensors, each sensor has a foreign key value though.

My question is this, I need to write a query that will tell me when, over all two minute intervals in the dataset, a series of sensors have a value greater than 0.9.

I was thinking for trying to create a temporary table and do it that way, simplifying the time by only storing it at minute resolution?

Any advice would be greatly received, Thanks, James

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You've tagged the question with SQLite - is that what you're using? Just double checking :) – Phil Feb 25 '13 at 11:05
All two minute intervals or all two minute "whole" intervals - e.g. are you bucketing the data by interval, or do you want to see all possible intervals (e.g. any span of time that is 2 minutes (to the second?) or just a bucketed set of minutes? – N West Sep 18 '15 at 15:06

For every line, you check that there are no lines in the previous 2 seconds with value smaller than 0.9 (therefore they all are greater than 0.9).

select * from table outer_table where value > 0.9 and not exists (
    select * from table where value <= 0.9 and (outer_table.time - time) <= 2
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