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I want to know the meaning of "2013.03010/permanent/0C94 6187 B194 DF07", Whether it means the end time of the SYBASE LICENSE?

sybase log

00:00000:00016:2011/01/03 14:15:37.02 kernel SySAM: Checked in license for 1 ASE_CORE (2013.03010/permanent/0C94 6187 B194 DF07).
00:00000:00000:2011/01/03 14:16:53.08 kernel SySAM: Using licenses from: /home/sybase/SYSAM-2_0/licenses
00:00000:00000:2011/01/03 14:16:53.10 kernel SySAM: Checked out license for 1 ASE_CORE (2013.03010/permanent/0C94 6187 B194 DF07).
00:00000:00000:2011/01/03 14:16:53.10 kernel This product is licensed to: BEV CORPORATION, an OEM license from Sybase, Inc.
00:00000:00000:2011/01/03 14:16:53.10 kernel Checked out license ASE_CORE 00:00000:00000:2011/01/03 14:16:53.10 kernel Adaptive Server Enterprise (Enterprise Edition)

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A better way to find the details of your license is to use the sp_lmconfig command in the database. It will give you the details of what verions/options you have licensed as well as the expiration for any of the licenses. Detailed information about the command can be found in the Sybase Documentation. – Michael Gardner Feb 20 '13 at 14:10

This message does not mean that the license is expired or something. It only states that sybase found a valid license and checked it out. More information about the sybase license manager you can find here:

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