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Which RDF triplestores support full-text search and what performance can be expected from them.

I am assuming that they will have to extend SPARQL in some way as the only way that I can think of for performing full text search currently is to perform a regular expression filter against all literals returned by the SELECT.

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Which RDBMS are you working with? – Mike Fal Mar 1 '13 at 23:40
@MikeFal Not an RDBMS, an RDF triplestore. Things like Jena, Virtuoso, etc. – irl Mar 2 '13 at 1:51

You could do the Regex in SPARQL as you suggested, performance implications will vary on the subset of items at the moment it is fired.

An example from a SPARQL query using that approach ("Look for all teams in the second league of the bundesliga"):

SELECT distinct ?team ?label
    ?team dbp-ont:league ?league .
    ?league rdfs:label ?league_label .
    ?team rdfs:label ?label .

    FILTER regex(str(?league_label), "bundesliga","i") . 
    FILTER regex(str(?league_label), "2","i") . 
    FILTER(lang(?label) = "en") . 

See the results for this query in FactForge

But for high performance in larger sets of unfiltered data I do not think this is what you're looking for. For enterprise free text search take a look at Jena and at this related question: Do you use full-text search with SPARQL? If so how and why?.

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