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I want an example that might help me implement a dynamics modes of an access mode model.

From from page 58 of Secured Database Application Development:

Static Access Modes are:

use 1 Allows the subject to use the object without modifying the object
read 2 Allows the subject to read the contents ofthe object
update 3 Allows the subject to modify the contents ofthe object
create 4 Allows the subject to add instances to the object
delete 4 Allows the subject to remove instances ofthe object

Dynamic access modes are:

grant 1 Allows the subject to grant any static access mode to any other subject
revoke 1 Allows the subject to revoke a granted static access mode from a subject
delegate 2 Allows the subject to grant the grant privilege to other subjects
abrogate 2 Allows the subject to grant the revoke privilege to other subjects

I was thinking about adopting the linux implementation in DAC and MAC, can you think of a simple way?

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Copied from page 58 of… , if anyone is bothered – Phil Mar 4 '13 at 0:56
That looks a lot like the Oracle authorization model already. What are you missing? – Mat Mar 4 '13 at 5:41

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