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I have created a full back up of my database by executing the line below in my application:

Dim Query As String = "backup database Ari to disk='G:\Documents and Settings\i\Desktop\BKAR\" & MyTime.getFullCurrentDate.Replace("/", "") & ".Bak'"

The *.bak file created successfully.

Then I restored it on another Database called test and it was ok. Then I created a Differential backup by means of the following code:

Dim Query As String = "BACKUP DATABASE Ari TO DISK='G:\Documents and Settings\i\Desktop\BKAR\" & MyTime.getFullCurrentDate.Replace("/", "") & ".Bak'" & "WITH DIFFERENTIAL"

and it created a *.bak file ,but when I try to restore it on the database I mentioned as test ,I receive the following error: enter image description here

Please help me solve this problem.

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You haven't shown us your RESTORE DATABASE command, but you appear to have omitted a recovery option, or specified WITH RECOVERY (which is the default). In either case, if you've done that, you cannot apply any further backups.

If you want to apply a series of backups, you need to specify WITH NORECOVERY on all (or all but the last) of the RESTOREs.

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