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I have two tables: MAINCOLOR and SUBCOLOR with the data as:

1       RED
2       BLUE
3       GREEN

1     1      PINK     0
2     1      ORANGE   1
3     2      VIOLET   1

I need a result set as:

1       RED     ORANGE
2       BLUE    VIOLET
3       GREEN

Resultset should be a join of MAINCOLOR and SUBCOLOR using MAINID. Need child data having status as 1.

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You can get the result by using a LEFT JOIN between the maincolor and the subcolor.

The key is placing the filter of status=1 on the JOIN condition. Your code will be:

select m.mainid,
from maincolor m
left join subcolor s
  on m.mainid = s.mainid
  and s.status = 1

See SQL Fiddle with Demo.

The LEFT JOIN will return all rows from the maincolor table and any matching rows in the subcolor table. Since you what to apply a WHERE to the data in the subcolor table, then you will want to move that filter to the JOIN condition to get the result.

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Hurray. It worked. I was trying with a where clause, not resulting the required result. Thanks bluefeet. – Praveen Prasannan Mar 11 '13 at 11:24

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