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In the Visual Studio designer you can right click on a SSIS package and designate it as an "Entry Point" package"

Screen shot of Visual Studio designer

Doing a search I found this page on MSDN which states:

The value of 1 signifies that the package is meant to be started directly. The value of 0 signifies that the package is meant to be started by another package with the Execute Package task. The default value is 1.

With this flag enabled and disabled I have been able to execute a package directly.

What is the purpose of enabling or disabling this flag? Is it merely to document the intentions of your own SSIS packages or does SQL Server/SSIS behave differently when it enabled or disabled?

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There's one behaviour I can think of:

Only packages with "Entry Point Package" set to 1 can be executed by catalog.create_execution


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On a side note:

The default scope on the parameters configuration page in the Integration Services Catalogs is called "Entry-point packages and project".

You will probably want to disable this flag on child packages so that their parameters doesn't show up and clutter the configuration dialog.

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