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Is it able to trace remote SQL Server 2008 using SQL Profiler 2005? If yes, anyone knows what else should I do, if during loging in appeares this message "Unable to locate trace definition file for microsoft sql version 10.0.0"?

I tried to go on by this link (, but my SQLPath looks good. Any suggestions?

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Upgrade your tools to at least 2008 R2. There's no reason to be running the old versions. – Jon Seigel Mar 12 '13 at 17:22
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Those messages about 'unable to read trace definition' and the fix are always from a newer SQL Profiler version trying to connect to an older SQL Server version. You are trying the other way (from older SQL Profiler to newer SQL Server) and it won't work. AFAIK You need to use SQL Profiler 2008 or newer.

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Instead of using the profiler, try to run a server-side trace.

You can start here:

Or you can just use the profiler to script out the trace creation.

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