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SP-GiST is an abbreviation for space-partitioned GiST in PostgreSQL 9.2.3. It can be used to find the similar tuple by creating the sp-gist index on the column.


create index pt_spgist_idx on geo using spgist(point);

'Point' column on table 'Geo' is Point type of Geometric Types.

and we can use sql sentence to find the nearest point of (34.34898,-92.82934) with spgist index 'pt_spgist_idx':

select point from geo where point ~= '(34.34898,-92.82934)'

We can see that sp-gist index supports Geometric Point type.

The question is:

Does spgist extension in PostgreSQL 9.2.3 support float or int array? For I want to use sp-gist index in int array whose size is 500.

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