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Installing the Oracle Instant Client on Ubuntu/Debian based systems is awkward since Oracle is RPM centric regarding its Linux support.

What's the best way to easily install and configure the Instant Client on Ubuntu?

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I never really found a good answer to this that didn't involve a lot of manual steps, so I made a solution.

If you visit my oracle_instant_client_for_ubuntu Github repo you can download a zip file which contains the necessary libraries and a python script which will install and configure them for use on your system.

Currently, this project only supports 64-bit systems. Let me know if you want support for 32-bit systems.

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@Eikonomega-->This worked perfectly!!! Your oracle_client!I installed the oracle_instant_client_for_ubuntu and tested out on my Ubuntu 12.10 desktop and worked perfectly! I used the oracle instant client to connect to the Oracle Database 11.2.3 from the tool-->Oracle SQL Developer (3.2). Worked Perfectly!! Thank you very much!!! –  user21314 Mar 14 '13 at 23:23
@sven I'm glad to here that it worked for you. Did you happen to try and connect to the database from SQL Developer prior to using the tool? –  eikonomega Mar 15 '13 at 19:27
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