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I'm quite confused and I need some clarification!

I do full export of database with Export Pump (for replication/duplication).

What I usually do is:


Then export, so I can have a consistent export (DMP-file).

Now can I export only with the parameter CONSISTENT=Y and/or FLASHBACK_SCN=SOME_NUMBER? What is the differences (if any), and when to use them?

I hope some one explain it to me in simple language!

What are the best practices in this regard?

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There is no need to start Oracle in restricted mode in order to get a consistent dump. – a_horse_with_no_name Mar 14 '13 at 8:45
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Data Pump command-line arguments are partially backward-compatible with Export and Import utilities, and CONSISTENT maps to FLASHBACK_TIME.

FLASHBACK_SCN is used to specify system change number until all changes from the source database are exported. FLASHBACK_TIME allows you to specify change time. When you specify CONSISTENT, Data Pump Export determines the current time and uses that value for FLASHBACK_TIME implicitly.

For more info read Oracle Database Utilities.

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