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I'm trying to replay a trace on a test environment with SQL Profiler in order to benchmark a database prior to making some performance tweaks. I intend to replay the same trace at various stages to compare the stats and measure the improvements.

I've been following the post at keepitsimpleandfast which seems good however I'm not getting the CPU, Reads and Writes data saved when I replay the trace in Step 6..

I had to add the CPU, Reads and writes columns to events when I set up the TSQL-Replay template when I took the trace but I don't have any options in Replay Configuration to select events or columns.

Strangely, I also ran a separate trace first and then replay the trace nothing gets traced at all! The events are different though, instead of RPC: Completed I get Replay Result Set Event and Replay Result Row Event, would this make a difference?

Does anyone know how to either amend the columns logged when you replay a trace OR how to set up another trace to trace the replay?

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I have tired it,but unfortunately trace replay does not show the CPU, reads and writes. It might be a limitation - that what I am guessing ... may be someone that has played with Trace Replay explain more on this ... – Kin Mar 15 '13 at 19:37

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