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i'm getting error when opening Mysql notifier High Severity Error Element 'UpdateCheck' was not found. Line 3, position 2. My mysql server is running. why it's showing this error.

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The error appears due to a corrupted configuration file or some dummy MySQL services (Leftovers from server installations not completely removed, this is due to the auto-detect mysql services functionality). Please make sure you're running the latest Notifier version available (that can be downloaded at mysql downloads page).

How to solve the corrupted file configuration:

  1. See the answer from Colin Pickard.

How to solve the dummy MySQL services leftovers:

  1. If the problem persists, open a Run command window and type the following:


  2. Take note of any MySQL service that shouldn't be listed (attempted uninstall before).

  3. Open an Admin rights command window and type the command:

    sc delete "< Dummy_service_name_here >".

Restart Notifier and see if that corrected the problem.

If a similar error still appears afterwards, check if the stack trace shows the word CreateScheduledTask somewhere, that would mean something is wrong when Notifier tries to add a schedule task at startup to check for updates of any installed MySQL product.

A workaround is to open in notepad the settings.config file that was re-generated. Inside the file, look for a property called "AutoCheckForUpdates" and change the default value of "True" for "False" and run Notifier again, as noted in this post.

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I had this with Notifier 1.0.3. I uninstalled it and downloaded the new installer for the 5.7 Alpha and used that to install Notifier 1.1.4, which now works fine for me.

You can get the download here:

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