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I created a user-defined type in a PostgreSQL 9.2 database and am trying in the SELECT statement to get only an attribute of the UDT. However, I don't seem to get my code to work.

Creation of type and table:

CREATE TYPE  ttp AS (f1 int, f2 int);
CREATE TABLE tbl (ctyp ttp);

The SELECT statement:

-- does not work
SELECT ctyp.f1 FROM tbl
SELECT ctyp(f1) FROM testtable

Both times I get an error. Is it possible to access a single attribute defined in a UDT in a SELECT?

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SELECT (ctyp).f1 FROM tbl;

The parentheses are necessary to disambiguate tables from composite types as detailed in the manual on composite types.

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Thanks! The difference is very subtle. Btw, I thought it might be somewhere written in the manual, but I really couldn't find it. Thanks again! – navige Mar 20 '13 at 22:35

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