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Is there a stored procedure available in Postgres or Oracle that does a bulk load given a URL, as in:

url_bulkload csvFile.ctl

Where csvFile.ctl is

# csvFile.ctl -- Control file to load CSV input data from a URL
OUTPUT = schemaName.tableName               # [<schemaName>.]tableName
INPUT = http://path/to/input_data_file.csv  # Input data file location
TYPE = CSV                                  # Input file type
QUOTE = "\""                                # Quoting character
ESCAPE = \                                  # Escape character for Quoting
DELIMITER = ","                             # Delimiter

or alternatively like the psql COPY command

COPY tableName FROM 'http://path/to/input_data_file';

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oracle has bulk load capabilities. – Randy Mar 20 '13 at 19:59

There is no single command that will do that for you in Oracle. You can however do this operation easily with the available tools:

  1. Use UTL_HTTP to retrieve the remote data
  2. Either:

    2.1 write the data to a file using UTL_FILE and load into the database using an external table / SQL*Loader

    2.1 or insert the data directly into a staging table using PL/SQL since CSV is a simple format.


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