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I'm trying to figure out how to check if multiple rows exist in multiple tables in one statement.

Given the following tables:

table table_one 

table table_two

This works,

SELECT 1 from table_one where id = 'a'


SELECT 1 from table_two where id = 'aa' 


How can I combine them into one statement?

I tried

 SELECT 1 FROM table_one WHERE id = 'a'
 SELECT 1 FROM  table_two WHERE id = 'aa'

but this just merges the results into one column so I cant tell if a particular table was missing a row.

What i'd like is a result row something this

  table_one  table_two  table_three    table_four
  =========  =========  ===========    ==========
  1          1          [null]         1
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UNION removes duplicate rows from the overall result, UNION ALL will preserve them.

To know from which table the result came, add a constant value:

SELECT 'one' as source, 
FROM table_one 
WHERE id = 'a'
SELECT 'two',
FROM table_two 
WHERE id = 'aa'
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works like a charm – sqlnoob Mar 26 '13 at 13:07

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