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I would like to check if a column has a NOT NULL constraint in order to start an automated upgrade of the table definition. However in H2 the SQL SELECT NULLABLE FROM TABLE_NAME doesn't return me the NOT NULL columns and I don't seem to find anything similar to check the constraint on the table columns.

Notice I don't want to check the NOT NULL column values with something like SELECT COLUMN FROM TABLE WHERE COLUMN IS NOT NULL! I want to check the table definition for that specific column.

thank you

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Which RDBMS are you using? – Phil Mar 28 '13 at 9:38
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If you have a definition like this:

create table foo 
   id integer not null

The following query will show "NO" in the is_nullable column:

select table_name, 
from information_schema.columns

If the column has a check constraint, like this:

create table foo
  id integer,
  constraint id_not_null check (id is not null)

then this will be shown as "nullable" with the first query. You would need to check information_schema.constraints and analyze the content of the CHECK_EXPRESSION column to detect this.

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