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I want to update a table, say Table 1 using a table that I create on the fly (saytemp). To achieve this I have the following query:

UPDATE Table1 SET COUNT = temp.ctemp FROM ( SELECT A, SUM(UNO) AS ctemp FROM Table1
                                            GROUP BY A 
                                            ORDER BY A) 
                                      AS temp,Table1 t1
                                      WHERE temp.A = t1.A;

It works well in SQL Server 2008 but MySQL throws out the error

syntax error, unexpected FROM, expecting 'END_OF_INPUT' or ';'

Any idea what I am missing here?

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UPDATE syntax in MySQL is different than SQL-Server. This will do:

UPDATE Table1 AS t
      ( SELECT A, SUM(UNO) AS ctemp 
        FROM Table1
        GROUP BY A                     -- no need for `ORDER BY` in either DBMS
      ) AS temp
    ON temp.A = t.A  
    t.COUNT = temp.ctemp ;
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The query worked. I had the ORDER BY in there to verify just the query - you were right to note that it was not needed. – sriramn Mar 31 '13 at 23:12

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