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I wrote a program that has an SQLite database, modifying it every few seconds.

Now I want to write a small gadget program that would just read a bit of info from that database (read-only) and display it.

Can the second program open the database as "read-only", while the first program might be modifying it?
Is using Read Only=True when opening the database enough?
Or do I have to make a copy of the SQLite file, or something?
I did not find any tip about this on

The second program does not need real-time info, it can be a bit outdated.

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SQLite write locking documentation. – CL. Apr 1 '13 at 14:41
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You are looking for WAL Mode.

WAL provides more concurrency as readers do not block writers and a writer does not block readers. Reading and writing can proceed concurrently.

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