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O.S.:Linux MYSQL server

we got a load spike last week.

how can I find the process that has created the load spike on my server last week.

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You cannot triage the process that is in past-tense provided if you have below setup in-place.

  1. Have a plugin to monitor your load avg/CPU/IO.
  2. If any one of them seems to be breaching you may trigger a script to gather details for mysql and server processes and save it to a log_file with timestamp name.
    • mysql > show full processlist \G
    • ps -ef details.

By this way you can collate details when your usage goes peak. And you may check when you are awake in the day time.

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If you have the slow query log active, you might be able to identify a long running query during the timeframe of your load spike. This probably the only way to figure out the issue that has already occurred.

You can configure a script like pt-stalk to try to capture future issues, however.

Here's an example to trigger data collection if you have more than 10 connections from host '' [src]:

pt-stalk --function processlist --variable Host\
 --match --threshold 10 -- --defaults-file=./my.default.cnf
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