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Would it be possible to give a table in MySQL query multiple aliases?

If so how would I do this?

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Hi, can you help me understand why you would want to do this? – Derek Downey Apr 5 '13 at 13:32
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You can if you are using the table multiple times in different clauses and/or sub-queries like

SELECT SeniorManager = sm.displayName, Manager = m.displayName, Worker = w.displayName
FROM   people AS w
LEFT OUTER JOIN people AS  m ON = w.bossID
LEFT OUTER JOIN people AS sm ON = m.bossID

But you can not give the same use of a table more than one alias - the following for instance is invalid syntax:

SELECT, FROM people AS a1 AND a2

Also, you can not (in most DBMSs) use a table by both its real name and alias, so the following is invalid too:

SELECT, FROM people AS a1 

If ause of an object is given an alias you must refer to that instance by that alias even if the real name is unambiguous within the query.

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Yes you can.

For example: for a table such as this:

create table staff
    Name varchar(100),
    supervisorId INT,
    FOREIGN KEY (SupervisorId) REFERENCES staff(id)

You can query it like so :

select as EmployeeName, as SupervisorName
from staff a,
 staff b
 a.supervisorId =


select as EmployeeName, as SupervisorName
 staff a
 inner join staff b on a.supervisorId =
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