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I've a sql server database that is configured to work with old software, i've no details about the software, but i know that DB uses replication.

the DB size dramatically increases. When i investigate some tables sizes, i found these ones with these sizes:

MSmerge_bi_D89534BB1063408B942B62C6B98C1E51 | 22.731987 Gigs MSmerge_bi_6C3E9C2ED4824946B65D575B7F84C225 | 16.62373352 Gigs MSmerge_bi_D89D3BA8BD334415AF6D51F0561344F3 | 14.91197205 Gigs MSmerge_bi_4BE323F1031445C78894AA625FB6BF50 | 3.80770874 Gigs MSmerge_bi_4CDB8F1078C74B33820DA52F55DAA57A | 2.638702393 Gigs MSmerge_bi_6BDBDB2589364C609E303B85D8C30155 | 2.328575134 Gigs MSmerge_bi_8DF8751AAE234EF88DBE64E0D947DECD | 1.122215271 Gigs MSmerge_bi_EE8A4730E51247E5A4719BBC0DAB304E | 1.069778442 Gigs MSmerge_bi_2A397A3824BA455EAE4F6689623A46AC | 0.340202332 Gigs

any suggestions on how to deal with these huge tables, and is it safe to delete ? (i'm not expert with db Administration)


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That's really not that big. – Jason Carter Apr 9 '13 at 13:45
Actually they are big. – Brandon Williams Apr 9 '13 at 15:25
What is your retention period set to and do you have metadata cleanup disabled? – Brandon Williams Apr 9 '13 at 15:37