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What happens when oracle.install.db.config.starterdb.memoryLimit is not set in the Oracle response file for a silent installation?

I noticed that when recording the response file for a silent Oracle (11) installation, the wizard will ask for the memory Limit, but the wizard will also pre-set a memory value based on the memory available on the current machine. (In my case it proposed 6GB on my 16GB RAM Win7 Laptop.)

So I am wondering what happens if I do NOT specify this value in the response file -- will the silent installer also pick a suitable value based on the current machine?

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Yay. Tumbleweed badge! As far as my google searches have gone so far, it seems noone - including the Oracle Docs -- really has any clue how the response file parameters work. –  Martin Apr 19 '13 at 8:54
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