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I have setup an Oracle 11g Database and have a question about exporting and importing a database.

I am using Enterprise Manager and have browsed to the following: Data Movement->Export to Export Files. Down the bottom of the screen, I need to supply Host Credentials. When trying to use the username SYS, I see that the error message says to logout and login using a different role.

What role should I use? Should I create a specific role for this task, and if so, what priviledges should the role have?

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u need to import objects?from one db to another? – Thiyagu ATR Apr 17 '13 at 7:00
Host credentials are for an operating system account (e.g. oracle). SYS is a database account and has to be connected AS SYSDBA (not as 'normal' in the drop-down role when you log in to EM). The message doesn't seem to tally with what you say you're doing? – Alex Poole Apr 17 '13 at 7:58

The link below is from and goes through Enterprise Manager >> Data Movement.

It is very well explained with good screen shots and walks through Cloning i.e. another function under 'Data Movement' >> 'Export Export to File'.

Under host credientials the normal user is the O/S oracle user (as already suggested by Alex Poole above).

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