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My table contains 3299000 rows. My Mysql Cluster contains 2 storage nodes with NoOfReplicas=2. By default it contains 2 partitions and after that i added 3 partitions more one by one using command "alter table ap_perf_tbl10 add partition (partition p2);" . Now total partitions are 5. Now i tried to execute the following command "alter table ap_perf_tbl10 coalesce partition 1;" which gave me the following ERROR "ERROR 1025 (HY000): Error on rename of './spectramon/ap_perf_tbl10' to './spectramon/#sql2-3fd8-2' (errno: 140)" . Now i executed following command "show warnings;" which gave following output "+---------+------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Level | Code | Message | +---------+------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Warning | 1296 | Got error 790 'Invalid hashmap' from NDB | | Error | 1025 | Error on rename of './spectramon/ap_perf_tbl10' to './spectramon/#sql2-3fd8-2' (errno: 140) | +---------+------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ 2 rows in set (0.00 sec) "

Please can any tell me what have i done wrong and why am i not able to successfully perform coalesce partition . There was no problem in creation of the table. The table was successfully created without any warnings.

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