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Help! I managed to crash MySQL last night. I am on a Mac using the native version that came with Mountain Lion. I was upgrading from 5.5 to 5.6. I have followed instructions in this forum to delete the installation, but trying to re-install 5.5 says that there is a newer version and won't install. Trying to install 5.6 fails. I found this error in the console:

4/21/13 10:16:56.000 PM kernel[0]: exec of /Volumes/mysql-5.6.11-osx10.7-x86/mysql-5.6.11
osx10.7-x86.pkg/Contents/Resources/preflight denied since it was quarantined by TextEdit  
and created without user consent, qtn-flags was 0x00000006

Help me please ?? I am stuck and in a world of hurt and despair.


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