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I have created a role that many users can share:

> create role foo_read_only connection limit 5;

I have then assigned permissions to that role:

> grant select on table1 to foo_read_only;

Then I have assigned that role to people:

> grant foo_read_only to fred;
> grant foo_read_only to ginger;

Question: Do both fred and ginger get a connection limit of 5, or would that limit be shared between them?


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The CONNECTION LIMIT attribute only affects roles that are able to log in (that is "users", or those roles which have the LOGIN attribute set).

Roles that are a member of another role with a CONNECTION LIMIT do not inherit that limit, so in the situation you describe above fred and ginger would have the default connection limit of -1 (unlimited).

To limit fred and ginger you would need to specifically set a CONNECTION LIMIT on those roles.

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