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So I noticed a very strange thing when tinkering with my database.

I had just inserted a row which was ID 47, then after inserting some more, I realised that somehow my Identity had skipped all the way to 146, so it had skipped 999 to get there.

It's not a huge problem, or a gamestopper, just very strange, is there any way I can solve this? Short of backing up the data and recreating the table.

For the record, I didn't do anything at all between the data insertion - it seems to be totally random (of course it's not, something caused it I'm sure...)

Screenshot of strange data

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While this isn't exactly expected behavior, do you care enough about gaps that this needs to be "solved"? If you need to avoid gaps, as @gbn implied, you shouldn't be using IDENTITY because there is no way to prevent gaps. – Aaron Bertrand Apr 23 '13 at 12:52

This is a known behaviour difference in SQL Server 2012 because of a change in the way IDENTITY is implemented.

See related Connect Item for some discussion and possible workarounds (if this is a real issue for you)

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IDENTITY sequences will never be contiguous

Row deletion is quite important if you have history/audit tables: you'd never want to reuse an ID that exists in some history/audit table somewhere of course

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