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I'm trying to fix a timeout issue in an existing application.

There is a trigger on after_update that cascades a value from the update from master.Client to internal.Client and external.Client The internal datbase has a table internal.Job that has a foreign key to internal.Client

The application inserts a row in master.Client and then one on internal.job. The last one lasts until command timeout. All commands (the two inserts and the updates from the trigger) take a microseconds when ran individually.

from sp_lock and master..sysprocesses I can confirm the trigger is blocking the insert into the external.job database.
Why is this really fast trigger locking up the last command?


ALTER TRIGGER [triggername] ON [dbo].[Client]


    UPDATE internal..Client 
    SET KadercontractInd = i.KadercontractInd
    FROM INSERTED i INNER JOIN internal..Client
    ON i.code = internal..Client.code

    UPDATE external..Client 
    SET KadercontractInd = i.KadercontractInd
    FROM INSERTED i INNER JOIN external..Client
    ON i.code = external..Client.code

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