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My first attempt to use PostgreSQL:

I have the elephant icon on the top right: running on port 5432.

I want to use LibreOffice as an interface:

  • Connect to an existing database: PostgreSQL
  • Datasource URL: ???

What should I put here? The database will be on the same computer where LibreOffice is running. Tried with localhost:5432 with no success.
By the way, I did not create the database, yet. Can I do it from LibreOffice?

Thank you.

Platform: Mac OSX 10.7 - PostgreSQL 9.2.2 - LibreOffice 4.0

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You need at least running a db cluster before you can connect. Since you have to connect to a particular database, you can use template1 which is always there or postgres (at least on Debian derivatives) as long as you haven't created yours, yet. – Erwin Brandstetter Apr 30 '13 at 23:09

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