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    Transaction 1 : SELECT distinct column_id from grid where row_id =  @P0
    Transaction 2 : INSERT INTO grid (grid_id, row_id, column_id)

    In this table grid grid_id is primary key clustered. 
    [row_id] ASC
   INCLUDE ( [column_id]) 

How can these cause a deadlock. How to ensure a deadlock free in a simple series of select and update queries.

   <keylock hobtid="72057594070695936" dbid="28" objectname="grid" indexname="ix_row_id" id="lock151a83e600" mode="X" associatedObjectId="72057594070695936">
     <owner id="process5e3bdc8" mode="X" />
     <waiter id="processe01d288" mode="S" requestType="wait" />
   <pagelock fileid="1" pageid="1539664" dbid="28" objectname="grid" id="lockb69420e80" mode="SIX" associatedObjectId="72057594070827008">
     <owner id="processe01d288" mode="SIX" />
     <waiter id="process5e3bdc8" mode="IX" requestType="wait" />
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Can you add the rest of the deadlock graph? Also, the select query wouldn't take any kind of "X" lock (X, IX, SIX) so the insert query is deadlocking on something besides the select. Ideally, turn on traceflag 1222 and capture the deadlock in the errorlog as it provides more detailed information. – StrayCatDBA May 10 '13 at 13:16
Agreed with @StrayCatDBA. We need the entire deadlock graph, there isn't enough information to determine root cause. – Thomas Stringer May 10 '13 at 14:35