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I'm installing Oracle RAC DB 11gR2 using response file and silent mode. The installation is failing with the error message:

[INS-35421] This options installs a single instance database only
You have chosen to perform a Desktop class install on a cluster. This options will not install oracle RAC

Which parameter is needed for a server-class install? I tried changing the value for oracle.install.db.config.starterdb.control from DB_CONTROL to GRID_CONTROL, but I still get the same warning.

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Try using these 3 options :

oracle.install.option=INSTALL_DB_SWONLY \
oracle.install.db.InstallEdition=EE \
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Hi Toze and welcome to the site. Can we get you to add a bit of commentary as to why this would be helpful? That would certainly help others coming along after! – jcolebrand May 16 '13 at 5:21

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