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I am using the following command for creating database in postgresql.

createdb -D pg_default -E UTF8 -h localhost -p 5432 -U pramil -W pramil mydb

but this command results prompt for password.When I enter password localhost server password, the following results

createdb:could not connect to database postgres:fe_senauth:no password supplied

Any one can hepl me?


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Please read the user manual section on client authentication.

You must ensure that you're using a user account that actually exists in PostgreSQL; the "localhost server password" is unlikely to be the password for your user account in PostgreSQL unless you set it up that way.

The message fe_sendauth: no password supplied suggests that you did not enter a password at all, just pressed enter. Your whole command line is way too complicated anyway; you're passing things that're defaults anyway, and you don't need to specify the port. More importantly, by passing -h localhost you're telling PostgreSQL to use a TCP/IP connection to localhost instead of the default unix socket connection. This has authentication implications.

On most typical installs on Linux distros (which I'm guessing is what you're using, since you didn't say) the postgres user account has ident authentication set up in pg_hba.conf for local (unix socket) connections. If this matches your setup you should be able to simply:

sudo -u postgres createdb -E UTF8 -O pramil mydb

This isn't specific to createdb, by the way; you're likely to have similar issues with psql and the other tools since they all use the same connection setup code.