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Help me create a hierarchical query.
I have two table:

Table 1(dic_kgs)

1                           A  
2              1            A0
3              1            A1
4                           B

and so on

Table 2(dic_kgs_strings)

1            1        Name1
2            1        Name2
3            1        Name3 
4            1        Name4

and so on.

I want to get result in the follow view:

A Name1
A0 Name2
A1 Name3
B Name4

I have writen only part of query:

select kgs_code
  from dic_kgs 
  start with dic_kgs.kgs_parent_id is null
      connect by prior dic_kgs.kgs_id = dic_kgs.kgs_parent_id;  


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Assuming kgs_id is the primary key of both tables (which is a little strange), join the tables before doing the connect by:

select kgs_code, kgs_name
from (select * from dic_kgs join dic_kgs_strings using(kgs_id))
start with kgs_parent_id is null
connect by kgs_parent_id = prior kgs_id; 

alternatively look up kgs_name after the connect by (this approach can be helpful in more complicated situations such as if not all records in dic_kgs have a corresponding record in dic_kgs_strings):

select kgs_code, ( select kgs_name 
                   from dic_kgs_strings 
                   where kgs_id=kgs_code.kgs_id ) as kgs_name
from dic_kgs
start with kgs_parent_id is null
connect by kgs_parent_id = prior kgs_id; 
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Conventional joins seem to be working just as as well in your case.

try the following query:

select kgs_code, kgs_name
  from so_kgs join so_kgs_strings using(kgs_id)
  start with kgs_parent_id is null
      connect by prior kgs_id = kgs_parent_id;  

It seems to me just a little bit nicer and readable than the ones proposed in Jack Douglas's answer.

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