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I have a Query used in Access which does not work in SQL Server as it stands:

  mstPatient.PatientID AS PKNO, 
  IIf(IsNull([mstPatient].[PPrefix]),'',[mstPatient].[PPrefix]+' ') 
    + [FirstName] + IIf(IsNull([MiddleName]),'',+' '+[MiddleName])
    + ' ' + [LastName] AS PatientName, 
  DateDiff('yyyy',mstPatient.BirthDate,Date()) AS Years, 
  IIf(mstPatient!Add1<>'', mstPatient!Add1+Chr(13),'') 
    + IIf(mstPatient!Add2<>'', mstPatient!Add2+Chr(13),'') 
    + IIf(mstPatient!Add3<>'', mstPatient!Add3+Chr(13),'')   
    + IIf(mstPatient!City<>'', mstPatient!City+Chr(13),'') 
    + IIf(mstPatient!PinCode<>'','-'+mstPatient!PinCode+Chr(13),'') 
    + IIf(mstPatient!State<>'',mstPatient!State+Chr(13),'') 
    + IIf(mstPatient!Country<>'',mstPatient!Country,'') AS Address, 
  mstPatient.RFirstName + ' ' + mstPatient.RMiddleName+' ' 
    + mstPatient.RLastName AS RPatientName, 
FROM mstPatient 
INNER JOIN SCDoctorList ON mstPatient.InChargeDoctor = SCDoctorList.DoctorID;
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Need more information on what's not working...is it really slow, is it throwing an error? What exactly is your question? –  Derek Downey Aug 4 '11 at 13:34
Just a dumb question here: Have you tried looking at this: Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access v5.1 (microsoft.com/download/en/…) –  Shawn Melton Aug 10 '11 at 15:29
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From a quick glance it looks like you need to:

  1. Replace your IIF statements with CASE expressions
  2. Change the colums referenced by ! i.e. mstPatient!Add1 becomes mstPatient.Add1
  3. Change CHR(13) to CHAR(13)

How to convert IIF to CASE

From Access:

IIf(IsNull([mstPatient].[PPrefix]),'',[mstPatient].[PPrefix]+' ') 
    + 'My postfix string'  AS MyIIFStatement

Becomes in SQL Server (using IS NULL check):

    WHEN [mstPatient].[PPrefix] IS NULL THEN ''
    ELSE [mstPatient].[PPrefix] + ' '
END + 'My postfix string'  AS MyCaseStatement

Note: SQL Server also has an ISNULL & COALESCE function that can be used to return a default value when the source value is null, I've not used it this case as there is a difference in the result when the source value is null ie: ' ' vs ''

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Ok Just Give me the change in Case expressions. –  Amit Uttekar Aug 9 '11 at 6:53
@DTest:- Error is just that the format of qiery is not proper.. –  Amit Uttekar Aug 9 '11 at 8:03
I mean Send me the converted query for CASE function ...Fully –  Amit Uttekar Aug 9 '11 at 8:04
@Amit Uttekar this Q&A site is used to help people find their own answers, not to hand complete solutions to you on a plate (and a little politeness doesn't go astray either) –  Andrew Bickerton Aug 9 '11 at 12:19
@Andrew Bickerton:- Yes Sir, I Understand you. Actually i am working on one Medical Software, I have one client for whom I must have to convert the complete database from Ms-Access to SQL Server 2005. Whereas the Tables are converted properly, but the views are not. So i need the help to create those incomplete Views into SQL Server 2005. Regards Amit Uttekar –  Amit Uttekar Aug 10 '11 at 6:38

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