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I'm connecting to a remote Microsoft server running MsSQL via PHP. The code looks something like:

$con = mssql_connect('', 'user', 'pass')
    or die(log_mssql_error(__FILE__, __LINE__, mssql_get_last_message()));
mssql_select_db('ShipWorks', $con)
    or die(log_mssql_error(__FILE__, __LINE__, mssql_get_last_message()));

mssql_query($query = "UPDATE [Foo].[dbo].[Bar] SET Biz = 'ABC' WHERE Baz = 'XYZ'")
    or die(log_mssql_error(__FILE__, __LINE__, mssql_get_last_message(), $query));

I receive the following error

The UPDATE permission was denied on the object 'Bar', database 'Foo', schema 'dbo'.

  • In the object explorer, in 'Server' > Databases > 'Foo' > Security > Users > 'user' I've set GRANT on all the securables.
  • And in 'Server' > Databases > 'Foo' properties, I'ved added the 'user' user and given all GRANT permissions as well.

I feel like I've covered all the bases but I'm still getting the permission denied error. What did I miss?

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I've set GRANT on all the securables.

You want to assign roles to write data for a specific database. When I read this correct you clicked everthing to do this.

Now I think that your user is member of the role db_datawriter and db_denydatawriter. Please remove the role db_denydatawriter and try it again.

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