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I am using SQL-Server 2012, I have a table of credit card transactions as follows:

CardScheme  RespCode
Visa        Declined
MasterCard  Approved
MasterCard  Approved
MasterCard  Declined
Visa        Declined
MasterCard  Approved
MasterCard  Declined
Visa        Approved
Visa        Approved
MasterCard  Approved

I need to write a query to get the following results

CardScheme  Declined  Approved
Visa        2         2 
MasterCard  2         4

Please help

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Since you are using SQL Server you can use the PIVOT function to convert rows into columns:

select cardScheme, Declined, Approved
from yt
  for RespCode in (Declined, Approved)
) piv;

See SQL Fiddle with Demo

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    COUNT(CASE WHEN RespCode = 'Declined' THEN 1 END) AS Declined,
    COUNT(CASE WHEN RespCode = 'Approved' THEN 1 END) AS Approved
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