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I have a merge subscription with the ExchangeType parameter set to 1 (upload only).
Rows are transferred to the publisher as expected.

If I delete a row at the subscriber, the corresponding row at the publisher doesn't get deleted. Accidentally, this is the exact behaviour I desire, but I can't find any documentation stating it's by design.

Before going live, I would like to have something documenting the thing.

Can anyone confirm this is the expected behaviour?

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What is the command you used to set up this scenario? I'm having a hard time tracking down anything in the documentation that allows this. – Jon Seigel Jun 1 '13 at 14:06
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Sorry for the confusion. I missed an option in the article that decides how DELETEs are treated.

The option is called "delete_tracking" and it's set to 0. It is documented here:

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