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How should I model my database if I wanted to have this functionality:

I want to be able to create a canvas which has many building blocks (they are something like it's sections). There are many types of canvases which can be made and each of them has a different set of blocks and different order. There are not too many types of canvases and all of them are predefined by application (users cannot edit the types, they are to be added to the database as a seed data as they are predefined templates, see example in the link given later). User can add and remove canvases.

Each building block has its own title and description which are predefined, but they also have a specific value which user can input for each of the canvases that he created.

The use case is very similar to here: https://bmfiddle.com/f/#/ , it is only that there can only be one canvas of each but in my case there should be an option to have the ability that user can add more of the same type of canvas. (But if you could show me how to model it for the use case at bmfiddle.com that could be enough as its not too different.)

Thanks a lot for even reading this question, and it would be really helpful to see an ER diagram or something similar of the possible solution for this problem.

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Before you start coding your project, please consider whether having a canvas with multiple objects or having multiple canvas with only one object. I have worked on a similar project and the second option resulted much better in my case. –  jap1968 Jun 1 '13 at 16:15
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