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I have an inventory with three numbered groups like so:

Group 1: 0-999 Group 2: e0-e999 Group 3: v0-v999

Can I simply make a one-column table to store this information and make that column the primary index (needed?), or should I make it two columns.


code (primary)


 code_id    code
    1        000
    2        016
    3        760
    4        433
    5        e221
    6        e011
    7        v999
    8        v003
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You can use the one-column approach for simplicity. However, what happens when a code is changed? Will you have to update all related tables to have the new code?

Using an integer ID is the best choice for a primary key because it's small and efficient (strings have to be reduced/hashed to an integer before they are used as an index). Also, updating a code will happen in only one place and be reflected in all related tables automatically.

So I would recommend your second option for the sake of speed and to avoid a cascading update.

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Thank you, you're right. I wasn't thinking it through. – James Huckabone Jun 4 '13 at 16:29

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