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I would like to ask for some opinions or recommendations or guidelines on how to create an automatic logging system for the executed querys on a MySQL database.

Some details:

  • its a php+mysql project
  • multiple users can use the database, based upon a user table and a authentication system made in php (they share 1 mysql user)
  • so far some query log is implemented, it is not very efficient because ever single logging procedure is hard coded in php
  • i am looking for a way to create a general procedure, to which i can pass the user id, and the rest is done automatically
  • i need to store previous value, new value, column name, table name, user name, query type, time stamp

I am familiar with TRIGGERS and STORED PROCEDURES, but cant really figure out if that's the the way, and if yes how (don't need code, just pure logic, although a usable minimalistic example would be welcomed).

Thank you.

Edit: Wow, is this question that hard ?

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Why don't you just enable the general query log? –  kormoc Jun 12 '13 at 1:43
I need to log the user name too, and since all users share the same mysql user, i have to pass the logged user id and name via php. –  mee Jun 12 '13 at 5:05

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