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I've this DB design I'm trying to build a query where I should get turno.tipo, maquina.patente, operador.nombre and detalle_emisores.revisado` but it's a bit complex to my knowledge. I started this:

    re . *, t.tipo, m.patente, o.nombre, de.revisado
    sdriving_registros_emisores re
        LEFT JOIN
    sdriving_turno t ON re.idturno = t.idturno
        LEFT JOIN
    sdriving_maquina_emisor me ON me.idmaquinaemisor = re.maquinaemisorid
        LEFT JOIN
    sdriving_maquina m ON me.idmaquina = m.idmaquina
        LEFT JOIN
    sdriving_operador o ON re.idoperador = o.idoperador
        LEFT JOIN
    sdriving_detalle_emisores de ON de.idregistros = re.idregistros
    o.idempresa = 1

Is that right, any advice?

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